Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Want to organise an EGG-cellent Easter Egg Hunt but don't know where to start? We've got your back with these Easter Egg Hunt Tips.

1. Stock up on Eggs. The first logical step is to buy your easter eggs for your Easter Egg Hunt. The great thing is that today, these come in so many different shapes and sizes. Any hunters have dietary requirements? Brands like Moo Free and Sweet William do Dairy Free Easter Eggs. 

2. Add some fun surprises. Don't just include the traditional chocolate eggs, you can hide little gifts and surprises in your Easter Egg Hunt as well. Places light Spotlight, Kmart and Woolworths sell plastic eggs that you can hide toys and other gifts inside. Check out our Easter Collection for some fun crafts you can include in your hunt. 

3. Keep your pets safe! Chocolate can be really unsafe for many pets, so if you have dogs, cats or anything else that might be affected by stray chocolate, be sure to secure them safely away from anything that might hurt them before starting to place your prizes. 

4. Find the perfect hiding spots. Before you start hiding your eggs, have a think about who your hunters are and take their perspective ... literally. If you have mostly younger kids, you'll want to select hiding places that are at their eye level or below, or else they simply won't be able to see them, let alone reach them! Also be sure to make them a little bit visible. The shiny foil wrappers on most Easter Eggs catch the light beautifully in the sun, so if your Easter Egg Hunt is outdoors, be sure to keep part of that wrapper peaking in to the sun, so it will catch the hunters eye.

5. Get a basket or bag for them to collect their eggs in. This is a really fun and cute way for your hunters to store, collect and count their haul. Check out our Easter Party Bags here.

6. Keep it exciting by interjecting with some games. Have a whistle on hand, and every time you blow it, the hunters need to stop and complete mini-games. These could be egg-and-spoon races, Simon-says, anything really! Give out hints as prizes.

7. Don't let the weather spoil it. Keep an eye on what the weather is doing when you want to have your hunt. If it's good weather and you have a safe place to do so, outdoors is always really fun and gives the hunters more space to run around. If the weather is not looking so great, keep it inside. If you have to have it inside, it might be useful to pick one or two rooms in the house specifically for the hunt, and let your hunters know which rooms. 

8. Add some music. Create your own playlist or find one on your favourite streaming service. If there is nothing Easter related, just pick a kid-friendly playlist to keep it fun.

9. Keep a list of your hiding places. This is an important one! The last thing you want to do is find rotten chocolate eggs months later! Keep a list of how many items you are hiding and where. You can try and tick them off as they're found, and this will also help you keep track of when the hunt is over and they're all found.

10. Make sure everyone is a winner. The whole point of an Easter Egg Hunt is to have fun! Keep an eye out for who is doing well, and who might need a nudge in the right direction. Don't let anyone walk away with nothing! 

To add that final touch, our best-selling Wooden Easter Egg Hunt Kit is the perfect addition to every hunt. 

Make an Easter egg hunt even more of a wonderful experience for your little ones by using our beautiful wooden sign posts to point towards the chocolate treasures. Available in packs of 11, the signs are made from etched and coloured wood in the shapes of cute bunnies and pretty flowers.

That's it! Good luck, and happy hunting!