We've rounded up the top 5 Party Games, so you don't have to

We've rounded up the top 5 Party Games, so you don't have to

We've rounded up the top 5 Party Games, so you don't have to

You're welcome. We've done the research, we've put them to the test, and we've asked our network. Here lies the official list of what we believe to be the best party games for your next kids party. Drumroll please...

  1. Pass the Parcel. That's right, the classic comes out on top. The feedback from the parents we asked was that this was a sure-fire success, every time. Tips to make it extra special?
    • Use themed or colour co-ordinated wrapping paper suited to your party theme
    • Have glitter or sprinkles loose in each layer, for a touch of added flair!
    • Have an adult control the music, with a (secret) list of all the kids participating. Cross them off when each of them receives a prize, so you can ensure everyone gets something!
    • Have the prizes get progressively better the closer you get to the end, to add excitement.

2. Musical Statues. It's a fact, kids at parties love to dance. Grab a wireless speaker, find a kid-friendly playlist, and have a whole lot of fun.

    • If you have time, you could create a playlist of songs that match your theme in advance. But don't forget to include whatever the current popular song is for kids, or they'll let you know you missed it!
    • As it gets towards the end, make it more challenging by asking them to dance on one foot, or act like a particular animal or character


3.  Pin the ... on the ... Yes, traditionally it's tail on the donkey. However the great part about this game is you can theme it to suit your event, SO. EASILY. Pin the horn on the unicorn, scoop on the digger, eyepatch on the pirate, crown on the princess ... the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of games you can purchase, or else just get creative and make your own.

4. The chocolate game. This is a classic. Children sit in a circle and in the middle, place a board with a large unwrapped bar of chocolate. Also place a knife, fork, hat, scarf, oven mits, and pair of dice. Whenever a six or a double is rolled on the dice, that person has to quickly race to put on the hat and scarf, followed by the oven mits, and then cut a square of chocolate using the knife and fork. Meanwhile, the rest of the circle continues to roll the dice in turn, often beating the first person to it before they even get a chance. It's super frantic and super fun! Extra tip: If there's a child participating who can't have the usual chocolate, have something else they consider a 'treat' on hand, and if they're ever successful cutting off a piece for themself, you can replace it with their special treat (... and possibly sneak their chocolate square for yourself, as payment!)

5. Scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts, amazing race, they've really taken off in recent years as a great way to keep people busy and occupied. The great thing about this game, is you could give each guest a copy of their themed hunt 'list' at the beginning of the party, and they can spend the whole event ticking things off. This will work especially well with older kids, tweens and teens who may be less interested in the traditional games. Scavenger hunt items can include photos of things, actual objects, or completion of challenges. You can find a bunch of them online (just give it a google), or get creative and make your own.