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The Easter Bunny has been! Find the little Easter Eggs he's left on site Easter Egg Hunt and click them for your next clue. If you see the Easter Bunny's Paw Prints Easter Egg Hunt Bunny Pawsyou know you're on the right page - keep looking! The Easter Bunny has left you a surprise at the end of the hunt you won't want to miss ...

Easter Egg Hunt Clue #1: At Easter sometimes we look a bit funny, when we dress like the bunny!

Bunny Code: B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Easter Collection

Bring your Easter Parties and Celebrations to life with our cute collection of Easter Bunny plates, cups, egg bags, bunny ears, arts and crafts.

Our Easter Egg Hunt Kits are a favourite, and can be reused for years to come. 

For a fun craft idea - our Easter Egg Decorating Kit is perfect to keep the little kids (or big kids!) entertained.

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