Build your own Party Box

Planning a party but don't know where to start? We're here to help! This is your step-by-step guide to building the perfect Party Box.

Step One: Pick your Theme

There are plenty of theme options you can go with for a party. We have a number of options here at Party Box including Princess, Outer Space, Unicorn, and Pirate.

However your theme also doesn't need to be so precise. You can simply pick a colour, or a range of colours like "rainbow" or "pastels".

Having some kind of theme in mind does help you pull together options that make sense for your party.

Step Two: Start Choosing your Decorations

Now that you have a theme, or colour scheme in mind, it's time to pick some decorations for the space you're going to host the party. Have a think about where you might be able to hang, attach or stick these decorations to.

Our hanging decorations are really versatile, for example they could be hung all together on a wall like pictured, or they could be strung out individually across a table, if hanging against a wall isn't a good option.

Party Box Tip! If you're hiring out a venue or having your party at a restaurant, it's always a good idea to check first what they allow.

Step Three: Tableware

Now that you have your theme and decorations sorted, it's time to think about how you're going to serve your guests food.

Themed tableware is a great fun way to bring your theme to life, and, no washing up after!

Have a think about whether your guests, or little ones, will be sitting down at a laid out place setting, or if the style is going to be more buffet or canape. This can guide how many plates, cups and napkins you get.

Party Box Tip! People often forget that you want both lunch / dinner plates and cake plates. Typically you'd choose a larger plate for food, and the smaller for cake. Many of our themes come with options for both, or you can opt to mix and match with some of our large metallic plates to break up the theme.

Step Four: Cake!

Let's not forget about everyone's favourite party of the party - cake! Whether you're crafting a masterpiece for your party, or planning to simply jazz up a store-bought cake, our range of candles and cake toppers add that finishing touch you need to tie your theme together.

Pick from our range of matched theme candles & cake toppers, or simply go with something more classic like our Happy Birthday Glitter Cake Topper, or Hooray! Cake Topper.

Party Box Tip! Most of our cake toppers can be reused. Simply be sure to carefully wipe them down with a damp cloth after removing from the cake, and store for next time. Our acrylic cake toppers are designed specifically for reuse, so these are a great long-lasting option.

Even some of our bigger candles such as the Happy Birthday Candle have multiple uses.