Mermaid Plush Pals 4pk

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Transform every day play into an under the sea adventure with these mesmerising mermaids!Children with a love of all things make believe will be thrilled with our cuddly characters. With long flowing hair kept in place by shells and a glistening fish scale tail, these mythical mermaids are ready to wow. Create exotic stories, or simply have them on your bed, or perhaps you’d like to carry them around instead. Whatever you decide, these beauties have to be SEA-n to be believed, they’ll create a real wave amongst your friends, that’s for sure. Cuddly, play, carry and create!

Product Name: Mermaid Plush Pals 4pk

Vendor: Baker Ross

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Material: A soft & cuddly toy

Size: Size 20cm


Use: Hand wash only


Product ID: AT913