Mermaid Water Squirters 4pk

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Make a splash with our mystical mermaid water squirters; the fun will never end! Children will take to these marvellous mermaids like fish to water! Fill up at the tap then give them a gentle squeeze and let the capers commence! Little ones will love having water fights with their splashy pals or using them at bath times to make washing into a game, there’s no end to the possibilities! The only trouble will be choosing which mermaid shooter is your favourite! Fill, squeeze and splash! 

Product Name: Mermaid Water Squirters 4pk

Vendor: Baker Ross

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Material: Each kit includes foam template, self-adhesive foam decorations and self-adhesive magnet strip

Size: 7cm


Use: Fill with water and press gently to squirt

Age: Warning! Not suitable for children who cannot sit unaided due to shape & size of toy.

Product ID: AW504